One-on-One HR Consulting

We offer one-on-one HR consultations to identify and address your concerns, provide assistance, and strategize how to build and develop your winning team at an affordable rate. By connecting with us, you can trust that we will figure out what measures to take to help you achieve your goals.

Customized HR Services

Different business owners have different needs at any given time. We are dedicated to identifying those gaps, yielding solutions caused by complex problems, and providing long-term support. Things could seem daunting at first, but we'll be there to help you along the way. Allow us to free you of this vast responsibility of business ownership.

Custom-Matched Trained Staffing

We’re here to provide you with competent and well-equipped employees that suit your business needs. Our process ensures that your hard-earned money will not go to waste. Before matching employees with you, we will ensure they have the skills and experiences required to see your visions through.

Employee Manuals

We will formulate a tailor-fitted employee manual to serve as a foundation for providing advice and information about your company’s mission, beliefs, policies, processes, and benefits. This includes initial consultation and as-needed follow-up sessions to obtain all essential information about your company.

Interview Guides

MaeVen Solutions will construct a custom-made interview guide with questions to ask candidates pertinent to your organization's staffing requirements and long-term goals. The interview questions included in the guide are crucial in selecting the ideal candidate and ensuring compatibility with you, the employer, and the rest of the team.

Job Descriptions

To bring together your winning team, MaeVen Solutions will compose and provide you with a job description tailored to your company's needs and reflects its identity and culture. We will gather information about your organization, mission, and business needs to develop a concise job description that will entice potential employees to apply.

Offer Letters

MaeVen Solutions will create personalized offer letters that will officially extend an offer of employment to your candidate, highlighting the position's responsibilities, compensation, benefit details, and other terms and conditions. We will ensure that all parties are satisfied by implementing a system that will benefit your organization and its growth in the long run.

Interview Facilitation & Support

MaeVen Solutions will organize and host virtual interviews with your prospective team members to begin the hiring process. We'll observe the applicants during their respective interviews and provide you with feedback as needed to relieve you of your burden during the entire team selection period. Follow-up interviews or concerns are on us, too.

Our process is simple.

The Staffing Process

Discovery Call

We will conduct an initial one-on-one Discovery Call to discuss and evaluate your company's workforce requirements.

Recruitment Plan

We will create an effective recruitment plan and begin recruiting professionally-vetted, fully-trained staff. The recruits will surely be qualified to undertake duties that will free up time for by relieving you of time spent on repetitive mundane tasks.

Kick-Off Meeting

We match you with a virtual professional and allow you to meet them during a Kick-Off Meeting to acclimate you both.

Ongoing HR Support

We hire and onboard your virtual professional and handle all Human Resource operations, such as attendance, performance, extensive training, payroll, benefits, and other concerns.